It is a pleasure that you are interested in our project!

    Dear Eco-Friend,

    This (like website collects all the eco-friendly solutions and sources of related knowledge to make the change easier for those people who want to live sustainable. 

    We have a HolZöldebb Live (like Find the Green! LIve) radio show as well which is live on Open Air Radio (Hungary's first festival radio) every Wednesday from 19.00.

    Our focus now is on Hungary, because we have a lot to change and educate here, but our vision is to expand this project for other countries too with the help of volunteers from several nationalities.
    Are you interested in this project? Please write us for more English information to, we are happy to share or meet for a (fair trade) coffee if you are in the beautiful city of Budapest. :)

    Although this is a Hungary-focused website we have a 'Best practices from aboad' topic. You can support us with recommending your favourite eco-friendly solution or source of eco information as well.

    Donation is still a bit far from our culture (although it is improving rapidly nowadays) so we are glad for any donations also from abroad since enviroment protection is for our one and uniqe beautiful Earth.  All supporters (or their logos") will be shown on our Thanks Wall on our website as a token of our appreciation.

    Greetings from Hungary,
    Team of HolZöldebb? 
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